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Sauna stove “KLASIKA 24-DT-3 glass”

(Code: 179) Premises volume 12-24 m3 Weight 120 kg The weight of the stones is 70 kg Height 820 mm Width 440 mm Length without extended part 620 mm Length 750 mm Chimney diameter 115 mm Chimney height min 5 m Type of fuel: firewood, briquettes Additional equipment Water tank 50l AISI 430 - 1mm. Heat exchanger 24 AISI 304 - 2мм. Classic. Wood stove - a classic of sauna traditions. Classic models of sauna stoves KLASIKA 15, KLASIKA 24 (Berezka 15 and Berezka 24) are safe, powerful and multifunctional, provide fast air and water heating, create a wonderful Russian sauna atmosphere in the steamer, and are small in size and very safe in operation. Safety - one of the criteria for a good oven. The materials used in the manufacture of these stoves are aesthetic, safe and durable. Furnaces are manufactured using modern technologies of cutting, bending, assembling and shaping metal. The manufacturer has not saved on metal quality. Furnaces are made of high-quality hot-rolled low-alloy grade 09Г2С steel 6 mm thick (in domestic this steel is also called «boiler»), in places of high load the metal thickness is increased to 8 mm. The cast iron grate supplies air under the lower layer of the fuel, creating a powerful, high-temperature flame. The jacket ‒ convector shields the strong infrared radiation and creates a powerful hot convection flow that evenly heats the evaporator. Each element of the oven is thought through in detail. The large number of modifications allows you to find the model that is right for you for a particular steamer. Stoves KLASIKA (Berezka) provide fast and even heating of air and water in the steamer, create a pleasant classic Russian sauna microclimate, they have a modern design and are very safe in operation.