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Large linen towel 0.75×1.5 m

In order for the sauna procedure to be complete from start to finish, it is important to dry off after the sauna with a towel made of natural and high-quality fabric. It's a nice gift for a nice person!

Lina dvielis ar mežģīni 75×50 cm

Lina dvielis ir domāts veselīgai ķermeņa nosusināšanai pēc pirts procedūrām. Slaucīšanās ar lina dvieli uzlabo ādas izskatu, asinsriti un paaugstina ķermeņa aizsardzību pret saaukstēšanos.

Linen towel with lace 50×30 cm

The linen towel is intended for healthy drying of the body after sauna procedures. Wiping with a linen towel improves the appearance of the skin, blood circulation and increases the body's defense against colds.