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Before the bath, tea helps to gently warm the body and prepare it for steaming procedures, as well as promotes sweating. Between steaming, tea helps to balance the body's internal environment and remove impurities. After sauna procedures, it enriches the body with the necessary substances and improves well-being. Ingredients: clover flowers, linden flowers, firefly leaves, oat leaves, birch leaves, hazelnut leaves, St. John's wort leaves, raspberry leaves. Medicinal plants for the tea drink mixture are collected in biologically certified areas in a natural environment.

Birch bath broom

The broom is durable, flexible and comfortable, the surface of the leaves is porous, so it sticks well to the body and absorbs sweat well. If bushy birch is used for brooms, the leaves are thicker and more flexible. They do not become slippery when exposed to hot steam. The birch broom is in a sense universal, there is no need to pay special attention to the faults and damage of the visitor. There will be no harm in treating any guilt. After heavy exercise, it helps to reduce muscle pain, makes the skin soft and silky, supple and smooth with a pleasant shade, as well as cleanses the skin well in cases of various rashes (even purulent), as well as in other cases of inflammation. By soaking the brush in hot water, it is able to strengthen the hair roots and reduce dandruff. After a couple of times the hair becomes firmer, thicker, shiny, there are no split ends. It is not for nothing that birch brooms are the most popular.

Body sponge “Brick”

I was told to keep my feet warm. Well not in the sauna !. In the sauna the key is to have a beautiful and with a character hat on your head. Because style matters.

Body sponge RAMIE

If you don't want to call every time you need to scrub your back, check out this sponge. It is long enough for you to do it yourself. Pay attention, you have a choice, either rub thoroughly, or simply lather gently with soap.

Large linen towel 0.75×1.5 m

In order for the sauna procedure to be complete from start to finish, it is important to dry off after the sauna with a towel made of natural and high-quality fabric. It's a nice gift for a nice person!

Lielā eikalipta pirtsslota

Lielā eikalipta pirtsslotas - liela un varena. Šī burvīgā eikalipta maģija... Ja jūsu pirtiņā ir eikalipta sāls bloks ar tā smaržu, eikalipta eļļa, tad grēks būtu nepērties ar eikalipta pirts slotiņu! Ja vēl tas ir ģimenes pasākums, pirms pirts var uzzināt daudz ko par eikaliptu, un bērni zināšanas nostiprinās ar kārtīgu pēršanos. Vai vari iedomāties? Eikaliptam ir vairāk kā 700 sugu!

Liepas pirtsslota

Liepas pirtsslotas labākais veids saaukstēšanas profilaksei.

Lina dvielis ar mežģīni 75×50 cm

Lina dvielis ir domāts veselīgai ķermeņa nosusināšanai pēc pirts procedūrām. Slaucīšanās ar lina dvieli uzlabo ādas izskatu, asinsriti un paaugstina ķermeņa aizsardzību pret saaukstēšanos.

Linen towel with lace 50×30 cm

The linen towel is intended for healthy drying of the body after sauna procedures. Wiping with a linen towel improves the appearance of the skin, blood circulation and increases the body's defense against colds.