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Aroma salt block for sauna “Peppermint”

Mint is a medicinal plant that has been known all over the world since ancient times, although it has not been scientifically proven. The essential oil contained in peppermint contains up to 50% menthol. Due to its fantastic refreshing properties, the use of mint is so very popular. So why don't you feel fresh and pleasant in the sauna? Code:852

Aroma salt block for sauna “Rosemary”

What is your mood? Want something exotic? Here is this offer. This rosemary aroma salt will take you to the Mediterranean. All these scents that this evergreen plant has absorbed will flourish in your sauna. Such a visit to the sauna will "put you" in the middle of the cradle of Western civilization. Feel your majesty? Code:869

Aromatic bath spirit

Pitchin, patchin in the sauna .. without the sauna spirit nothing happens. The spirit of the sauna will help and free you from everyday worries with the power of natural plants

Aromatic salt block for sauna “Cedar”

The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks wrote about the good qualities of cedars. All parts of the cedar have healing properties. In ancient times, medicines and cosmetics were made from cedar nuts, resins and needles. Therefore, it goes without saying that we have a block of cedar salt available. We are always a healthy walker in the sauna! Enhance the healing effect of the sauna with the scent of cedar - the soul rejoices! Let this aromatic salt block always be your sauna! Code:890

Aromatic salt block for sauna “Eucalyptus”

Evergreen eucalyptus tree. Always a reminder of our beloved summer. Did you know that the euclidean has more than 700 species? Imagine - 700 !!! Wondering how long you should try a salt block of each species? Well, well, not so crazy. Take this, and it has many, many eucalyptus species together. When you enjoy this aroma, keep your eyes open so that you do not get lost in the eucalyptus forest! Code:876

Aromatic salt block for sauna “Ilang-Ilang”

This must have happened to you. I want something, but I don't know what! If such thoughts arise about the aroma of the sauna, then it's time for something exotic. This exquisite, sweet floral aroma will help to relax, calm the mind, help to remove daily stress. Code:845

Aromatic salt block for sauna “Lemon”

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Who doesn't know what a lemon is? At the thought alone, the mouth of a lemon with sugar tightens in a bunch. But, cooking is not the only use of lemon. It is also used in beauty and industry, for example in the production of soap as a fragrance. Where there is beauty, there we are! We also offer you lemon - aromatic salt block. Girls, our dear women, you really deserve this! Let the sauna smell for you! Code:838

Aromatic salt block for sauna “Orange”

Orange, a fantastically sweet fruit that grows on trees and is the most grown fruit in the world. As many, many people like this scent, people have figured out all sorts of ways to make it feel, at any time of the year. We also want to provide you with a pleasant sauna visit. That's why we also offer this block of salt, with an orange scent. Entering such a sauna atmosphere, not only the body will relax, but in fantasies you will be able to lift to Brazil, Spain, Egypt… who knows, maybe you will pick a juicy orange… Code:883