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Clock “Баня”

Eh Ms. while the kids are in the movies, time to go to the sauna! Code:796

Hourglass for the sauna

Hourglass for the sauna, helps to stay in the sauna as long as it is healthy for your body. Full cycle - 15min.

Round thermometer for sauna

Thermometer for sauna from wood. Up to 140 degrees.

Sauna clock

When your wife starts spanking you, the seconds turn into minutes. Interested, I behaved well this week… Code:789

Sauna clock “Men”

When you sit in good company - time does not matter. But if there is no clock next door, the beer cup may not empty in time. Better such a clock on the wall, and a cup full of fresh and cold beer! Code:028

Sauna clock “Банный лист”

CAUTION! The last three clocks in the store. clocks with this design will no longer exist.