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A set of wooden cups made of oak

Are you looking for a gift? But such a good one? To a good friend? Pay attention to this set. Fantastic quality woodwork, three oak bowls with tray. When giving a gift to a close person, you will definitely try it. Beer will be poured into cups, cheese and sausage will be sliced ​​on the tray. Add scallion, dill and it will be an evening you will remember for years.

Beer cup 0.5 l

.. empty the mug - so that no droplets remain. .. Stop! To empty it you need the mug.

Koka kauss – liepa

..iztukšojam sausu - tā lai nepaliek ne lāsītes. .. Stop! Lai tukšot sausu vajag pašu kausu

Wooden cup 1l

23.50 20.70
..we drain dry - so that not a drop remains. .. Stop! To empty dry, you need the cup itself